7 Habits of successful accountants

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We all strive to be part of successful, thriving practices, but planning for success can be difficult, challenging, expensive and distracting – so it makes sense to consider what others are doing in our sector that works. What are the habits of other successful accountants, and are there any habits, traits or processes that you can copy and replicate? 

Get this right and it means you don’t have to innovate, don’t have the risk of them not working and what you choose to implement, you can have complete confidence knowing it’s already working for others.


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22nd June 2:00 - 2:45pm AEST

'7 habits of successful accountants'

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David likes to ensure that his web events are small, informal and allow for live Q&A. Therefore, David chooses to limit delegates to just 200 Australian accountancy firms.


This material has been designed, written, crafted and created for Australian accountancy firms. That means that every idea you hear is proven, tried and tested. It’s been heavily researched, supported by fact and can be trusted.

Limited By Design

Accountants Only

We’ve deliberately condensed this into the 7 habits we believe are going to make the most difference to your firm. So, when designing this web-event we immediately disregarded anything we didn’t believe in, binned ideas that weren’t ‘practice critical’ and challenged each of the remaining ideas.

The result? Its’s shaped the content for this idea rich, 30-minute web event where you discover ‘7 habits of successful accountants’ every profitable firm will utilise over the next 12 months.


Successful, happy accountants

June 22nd, 2017

2:00pm - 2:45pm AEST

Ruthlessly condensed into 7 habits

David Oliver – Founder of Insight Marketing and Senior Executive for MyFirmsApp.  David is a thought leader for the profession, a word-class speaker and author of 13 books in 29 languages.  David’s presents every month to accountants in Australia, the UK and America.  Over 45,000 firms have listened to his material in recent years and his material is supported by hundreds of testimonials. 

About the presenter - A unique global understanding


Presenter David Oliver has met, spoken with, and trained over 200,000 accountants. Some are frustrated, fed up and have given up; others are tired, worn out and drained. He’s met with the bossy, loud and angry and some happy and highly successful. These successful, happy accountants are not singularly defined by one sector or size, rather, what sets them apart are habits - things they do differently.

Join this live web event and you will discover:

  • What others are doing in our sector that works
  • What are the habits of other successful accountants, and are there any habits, traits or processes that you can copy and replicate?
  • How to get it right, so you don't have to innovate
  • How to implement what's working for others
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